Here's a snapshot of what a Scriptproofed edit covers:


  • Typos your spell check won't find, such as cloths for clothes, moth for mouth or month, sing for sign, etc.
  • Changing names of characters -- i.e. calling your main character Dwayne on page 6 but Dylan on page 45
  • Extra spaces between words, elements, etc.
  • Timeline issues with your story


  • Spelling (February not Febuary, judgment not judgement, etc.)
  • Capitalization
  • Unnecessary apostrophes
  • Missing apostrophes
  • Comma usage
  • Homonym issues (i.e. it's vs. its or you're vs. your, etc.)
  • Confusing adjectives and adverbs (everyday vs. every day)
  • Agreement in tense and agreement in number
  • Dangling participles: After rotting in the cellar for weeks, my aunt brought up some apples.  Is your aunt a rotting corpse?
  • "But before the robbers-for-hire could carry out their plan to steal the casino chips, their leader offended the mob boss and was thrown in boiling oil, which ruined it."   The sentence says that the oil was ruined.  The writer meant the plan.


  • A comprehensive review of your entire script to ensure proper format including, but not limited to:
    • Treatment of various elements
    • Accurate and consistent scene headings (slug lines)
    • Capitalization rules regarding sounds, characters, props, etc. (adding or removing)
    • Parentheticals
    • Confusion between multi-cam and single-cam format standards in TV comedy scripts
    • Margins
    • Alignment and spacing of elements
    • Comparison of all TV specs to a produced script of the "spec'd" show
    • Proper formatting of special elements (flashbacks, insert and close up shots, montages, etc.)