"Scriptproofed is awesome.  As a professional writer, it's important that my work is flawless, but sometimes, after reading over something dozens of times, it's easy to miss typos, run-ons or inconsistencies.  I know I can always count on Scriptproofed to turn around a flawlessly-proofread script.  I'd recommend them to anyone." 

- Hollie Overton, Lifetime's "The Client List" and ABC Family's "Shadowhunters."


"I was blown away by the speed and quality of Scriptproofed.  Fast turnaround and meticulous notes.  It's an incredible value.  I will use Scriptproofed on every screenplay I write."     

- JP in Maryland


"I wholeheartedly recommend Eva for your proofreading needs.  She has a keen eye for any small mistakes that may have slipped through the cracks."                                    

 -  Kamal in LA


"As a writer, I get too close to my work, focusing on characters, story, and dialogue.  You miss a lot of things.  This service will help find them and save you loads of time and aggravation. Trust me, use them!  Money well spent!"                                                                                                                           

- Doug in LA


"Scriptproofed did an amazing job, especially considering I had a few eyes look my script over already!   You found edits that no one else noticed.  Your questions and continuity edits really help me to make sure I was thorough with my story!  Best money spent on editing!"

 - Estella in NYC


"Having Scriptproofed go over your script is like having your car serviced by NASCAR mechanics.  You can't go wrong.  Their services are fantastic."     

     - Joe in Zurich, Switzerland